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Richard Walker

Richard Walker

Inducted: Dec 2007

By popular acclaim, the most significant angler and carp fishing figure of the twentieth century. Dick pioneered carp methods, designed and made tackle himself at a time when there was little else to go on.

His writing output was nothing short of staggering, either in his many books including the ground-breaking Still-water Angling of 1953 or his unbroken series of articles in Angling Times for over thirty years.

Dick’s famous capture of a record 44lb common carp in September 1952 from Redmire Pool really brought carp fishing into the spotlight. This most celebrated of carp did move the goal posts on what size carp could grow to in this country. The fish was at the time of capture transferred to the London Zoo Aquarium at Regent’s Park and was subsequently seen by tens of thousands of anglers and members of the general public over a period of nearly 20 years.

Richard Walker is rightly looked on as the father of modern carp fishing. He passed away in 1985.

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Frank Warwick

Frank Warwick

Inducted: March 2015

Frank has been around carp fishing since the 1970s when he became captivated by some fish he saw during a visit to Capesthorne Hall.

This was the beginning of a carping bug which took him to several of the North West’s most prestigious carp waters, including the very special Redesmere where he caught some fantastic fish during the 1980s. Other prominent UK waters he has fished in his career include Roman Lakes, the Mid-Northants Carp Fishery, the Trent & Mersey Canal, Birch Grove and Acton Burnell, whilst his overseas exploits have taken him to countries such as France, Romania and Belgium where he has accounted for some fantastic fish.

Regarded as one of the finest thinking anglers of his generation, Frank has been responsible for many of today’s often used tactics and products. He is one of the originators of long range single hookbait fishing. The use of high-visibility hookbaits is another tactic associated with Frank’s carping, as indeed are many rig ideas. The early issues of Carpworld magazine saw him sharing these with readers, including the ‘short rig’, which is one of the earliest variations of today’s widely used chod rig. Other rig innovations from Frank include the popular anchor rig.

Driven by his obsession with carp, it was inevitable that Frank would go on to work within the angling industry. He has been a long-standing carp consultant for several of the major brands, as well as a contributor to magazines and books all over the world. He has featured in DVDs, television shows as well as a regular on the talk show circuit. This year saw the release of his first carping book titled Every Bit of Blue.

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Denys Watkins-Pitchford

Denys Watkins-Pitchford, ‘BB’ MBE

Inducted: Dec 2007

Possibly the catalyst and artistic founder of modern carp fishing. His pen name of 'BB' was behind the first carp only book Confessions of a Carp Fisher published in 1950.

He along with Richard Walker were involved with setting up the Carp Catchers’ Club in the early 50’s and wrote extensively on the 'uniqueness' of carp fishing and the spell anglers could fall under when pursuing them. 'BB' was a prolific writer and gifted artist in many spheres of country life - hunting, shooting and fishing - and in 1989 was awarded the MBE in honour of his literary and artistic work. A true gentleman in every way, 'BB' passed away in 1990.

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Fred Wilton

Fred Wilton

Inducted: March 2009

Fred has carved himself a niche in carp angling history through his bait theories and developments. His research and willingness to experiment resulted in the development of new carp baits based on ground-breaking ingredients designed to fulfil a carp’s nutritional needs.

To this resulting mix eggs were added to form an outside skin – these baits later became known as boilies. Many of Fred’s ingredients from way back are still in common use in today’s carp baits and baits for other species, too.

Fred fished extensively for carp in Kent during the 60s and 70s, and his catches and those of his friends who were “on the bait” were to become legendary. The late Gerry Savage teamed up with Fred and the pair of them started fishing for carp during the winter months on Fred’s High Nutritional Value (HNV) baits which proved a great success. Many of Fred’s friends who used the bait went on to become notable carp anglers in their own right. These included Robin Monday, Bob Morris and Derek Stritton. Though Fred these days prefers to chase giant barbel in the Rivers Wye and Severn, he still uses the baits he formulated over 40 years ago.

Mike Winter

Mike Winter

Inducted: March 2014

A life-long angler, Mike Winter became interested in carp after reading a copy of BB’s Confessions of a Carp Fisher in the early 1950s.

After catching a number of carp to 13lb in his teenage years, Mike formed one of the earliest specialist carp groups, The Devon Carpcatchers’ Club, with Larry Beck, in June 1958 on the banks of a local water. He also corresponded in the 1950s with Dick Walker and Denys Watkins-Pitchford about carp fishing.

After observing carp feeding during the winter in the late 1950s, Mike became one of the earliest pioneers of winter carp fishing, and by the mid-1960s he was writing articles about his cold-water experiences and successes. Few other carp anglers in the country believed at that time that carp could be caught by design in the winter months.

Mike developed a love of fishing for the ‘old English wildie-type’ carp, and the secluded estate lakes and forgotten pools where these fish were usually found. He was a member of the eccentric Golden Scale Club where he was known as The Prof.

During his life Mike wrote many articles about carp fishing, these appearing in numerous different angling periodicals and also in local newspapers. He also wrote an angling column in the Sidmouth Herald for more than 20 years, and many of his angling experiences were described in his 2006 book, Along Fisherman’s Paths. He was a teacher by profession and passed away on 19th December 2013 after a long illness.

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