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Bob Richards

Bob Richards

Inducted: Dec 2007

In 1951 the angling world was staggered by the news of the capture by an angler named Bob Richards, of an almost unbelievable monster carp of 31¼lb from an unknown water in the West Country - Bernithan Court Pool, later renamed ‘Redmire Pool’ by ‘BB’.

Bob Richards lived in Gloucester, where he managed a small tobacconist’s shop. He had not previously caught many carp, and in truth, his first visit in early 1951 to ‘Redmire’ was an exploratory one. He had no real knowledge of the tremendous fish lurking in this small lake, nor did he dream of the monsters it was later to produce, but he was one of the fortunate few anglers in the great scheme of things who was ‘in the right place at the right time’.

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Derek Ritchie

Derek Ritchie

Inducted: November 2010

The larger-than-life Essex carp angler who, to give him his full title Derek ‘The Don’ Ritchie, has been a part of the carp community for more years than most can remember. It’s now nearly 35 years since Derek hit the headlines with a 36lb common from Doggetts Lake, Essex (the second largest carp reported in 1976). This capture was no fl uke as two years earlier he’d landed a 29-pounder. Since then his catches have been tremendous with The Don capturing numbers of 30- and 40-pounders.

To many he is seen as loud, brash and seemingly out of place in the generally quiet world of carp fi shing, yet this seems to make little difference to his catches. Make no mistake The Don is right up there with the best of them when it comes to catching carp – many would back him to catch a carp at the drop of a hat if their own life depended on it.

For years Derek has featured in the magazines and the weekly angling press, and anyone who’s seen him in action at carp-related events will know there’s no denying that he has put a great deal back into carp fi shing with particular emphasis on youngsters.

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