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Tim Paisley

Tim Paisley

Inducted: March 2008

Here is someone who changed the face of carp fishing through his massive writing output, his publishing genius and of course his quite amazing world-wide catches.

It was Tim Paisley who went out on a limb in 1988 and published the world’s first carp only publication, Carpworld, something you could buy in a newsagent in this country. Tim previously had a great grounding in publishing having been a major instigator of the ground-breaking high quality Carp Society magazine, Carp Fisher, which started in 1981.

In the winter of 1993/4 Tim started discussions with Kevin Clifford and Chris Ball about the viability of a weekly carp publication. It took months of careful investigation and final commitment by Kevin and Chris before they and Tim jointly launched the world’s first carp weekly magazine, Carp-Talk.

Once the millennium passed Tim became besotted with going to far flung venues around the world in search of monster carp and these passionate journeys ended in May 2001 with a truly massive common from Lake Ratuda weighing 73lb 13oz. This came on top of winning the World Carp Cup twice with Steve Briggs, first time in 2000 and then again in 2005.

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Darrell Peck

Darell Peck

Inducted: March 2017

Darrell becomes the third member of the highly successful Team Korda to make it into the Hall of Fame, following in the footsteps of Danny Fairbrass and Damian Clarke. However, it is for his own contribution to the sport that he earns this recognition.

At only 35 years of age, he might be the youngest inductee, but over the last 15 years he has made a massive impact on carp fishing. He caught his first carp when he was only nine years old and went on to catch his first UK forty 12 years later when he netted the mirror known as Chunky from Yateley Car Park Lake. His enthusiasm for catching big carp along with his success at doing it has had a huge influence on the modern generation of carpers.

He has since gone on to land a string of UK big fish including many well-known names such as the Northern Linear, the Client, the Fat Lady and Single Scale, topped by the mighty Two-Tone from Conningbrook at a UK personal best of 65¼lb. In more recent times he has spread his angling overseas, where he has landed carp up to a personal best weight of 71¾lb from Belgium and shared some extraordinary catches from the mighty Orient in France.

Besides having a knack of catching big carp he has played a big part in the promotion of the sport on television and at shows/talks up and down the country. He is also the author of the book My Misspent Youth.

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Eddie Price

Eddie Price

Inducted: March 2011

Long-time farmer, eminent archaeologist (Eddie was presented with an MBE for services to archaeology) and of course angler, Eddie Price has an association with carp stretching back over 50 years.

Living at Frocester Court Farm, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, his interest in carp started in the early 1950s. Then came the time when his father-in-law introduced him to another Gloucester angler, Bob Richards who had some years before caught a record carp at Redmire Pool. The friendship with Bob Richards lasted until Bob died in the mid 1960s.

Soon Eddie was fishing with Bob at Redmire and within a few weeks he witnessed Bob’s second big fish, a 31½-pounder caught in 1956 which he subsequently set-up for his friend.

Eddie Price became famous in carp fishing for two momentous events. The first was in July 1958 when he photographed from the punt a Redmire giant. He wrote, “I saw what was the biggest carp I shall ever see. Its head and part of its back protruded from the thick weed masses and without any exaggeration it seemed a foot across its back, I was only a yard away from it.” That picture entered the public domain in the early 1970s and anglers have pondered on it ever since.

Eddie also became the first man to catch a mirror carp of over 40lb in this country when in September 1959 he banked a glorious mirror of 40½lb. The same fish went on to become a record carp in 1980 when Chris Yates landed the beast at 51½lb.

Eddie’s hand-made split cane MkIV carp rod, bite alarm and carp landing net survive to this day and can be seen in his book The Fishing Diaries of Eddie Price.

Like fellow Hall of Fame member Pete Thomas, he lived into his 90s before he sadly passed from us on 25th January 2015 aged 91.

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