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Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

Inducted: March 2009

Hugely influential figure in the world of carp fishing through his innovative tackle and baits. Kevin became besotted with carp early on and has the distinction of being the first angler to capture a 40-pounder from his home county of Essex.

The many path-finding products associated with Kevin include the Oval brolly, the Profile (an improved Oval with extra protection including longer front ribs and mini sides built-in) and the mighty Titan and later the Titan Viper.

Though it is a little known fact, back in the late 1970s Kevin was also one of the very first to commercially make available a carp sack made from soft industrial nylon.

Kevin Nash has also been at the forefront of rod design and in conjunction with Daiwa during the 90s they came up with the massively successful Amorphous AKN 12H rod. Kevin also pursued Daiwa UK to supply and promote a little known reel from their Japanese range. This turned out to be the Daiwa SS 3000 reel, and the rest as they say is history. These days the Nash brand of tackle and bait is one of the most successful both here in the UK and Europe.

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John Nixon

John Nixon

Inducted: March 2012

John Nixon started fishing at the age of 14, just after World War II, at a local farm pond in Surrey where carp became his quarry. His fishing soon expanded rapidly while serving six years in the RAF during the early 1950s. He was stationed around the UK and took advantage of fishing as often as he could, the mainstay of which was chasing carp.

John corresponded with Richard Walker, once visiting him in Hitchin in the early 1950s, this only fuelled his desire to catch bigger carp and he made the most of visiting top carp waters of the time including Dagenham Lake in Essex, Bracken Lake and Goffs Park in Sussex, Lenwade in Norfolk, and The Fisheries at Cranleigh in his quest for better sized fish. John also fished at Redmire Pool as a guest for a number of years, first journeying there in 1957.

Fishing at the Pool in June 1961, John captured a sparsely scaled 23lb mirror which he named Raspberry – this later became a famous inhabitant of Redmire Pool. By the mid 1960s John Nixon had managed to land three 20-pounders and nearly a couple of dozen carp weighing more than 10lb – at the time this was right up there with the best of them.

Other notable deeds besides his extensive writings on all manner of fishing-related subjects include being editor of the prestigious monthly magazine Creel for a while, and in the years of 1966 and 1967 running the fishing at Redmire Pool, which allowed members of the National Association of Specimen Groups to fish the mighty Pool for a £1 a day.

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