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Kevin Maddocks

Kevin Maddocks

Inducted: March 2011

The meteoric rise of Kevin Maddocks as a carp angler is not hard to understand. His methodical and precise approach to the sport in the late 1970s and early 1980s took most people’s breath away.

He became so successful in the pursuit of big carp that by late 1981 when his best selling book Carp Fever hit the shelves he was already household name in carp fishing circles. The book went on to be the best selling carp book of the 1980s, being reprinted a number of times. It was later translated into several different languages.

Along with Len Middleton, Kevin helped in the development of the hair rig and used it to devastating effect in the early part of the 1980s. His big carp success saw him run amok at Waveney Valley Lakes, Mid Northants Carp Fishery, Ashlea Pool, Redmire Pool, Longfield, Savay Lake, many French waters and so on. He also became a noted speaker, publisher and video-maker besides his heavy involvement in the BCSG and CAA throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Later he changed tack slightly and became involved in fishing for catfish, and this too was an outstanding success the world over. He was once the owner of top carp water Withy Pool and later Ringstead and Crackers Meadow, and his own big carp fishery in France.

In the last 10 years Kevin has taken a lower profile in fishing though he still bangs out the ‘biggies’.

And who can forget his influence in angling fashion and tackle too. After all you weren’t a carp angler in the early 1980s until you went fishing in that green Army jumper with shoulder patches and of course used an ABU Cardinal 55 reel!

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Peter Mohan

Peter Mohan

Inducted: December 2008

Peter started carp fishing in the mid 1940s, but really came to the fore in the 1970s and 1980s. He founded (with the late Eric Hodson) the influential British Carp Study Group in 1969 and a little later in 1974 the successful Carp Anglers’ Association.

We also have Peter Mohan to thank for the very first carp magazines, the BCSG publication The Carp (the No. 3 edition in June 1970 had a printed front and back cover for the first time), and later in March 1975 the more widespread CAA magazine. Both organisations had a lively and successful regional meeting structure in place by the mid 1970s as well as holding the first organised Carp Conferences - again it was Peter Mohan who spearheaded these groundbreaking events in the history of our sport.

Peter was also the controller of a number of carp waters in the west of England and for a time ran the famous Ashlea Pool syndicate where he caught a 30-pounder in 1969.

A prolific writer on all matters carp, Peter also wrote a number of books, Carp for Everyone, Carp- Step by Step, Basic Carp Fishing and Cypry – the Story of a Carp. Plus the recently published Carp Stories & other Tales

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