Hall of Fame - J

Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson

Inducted: March 2010

One of the all-time carp fishing heroes, Lee Jackson has fished for carp for many years and has written extensively on the subject – his book Carp Clinic, is one of the most popular carp books ever.

Lee made his hobby his job in 1990 when he joined Dartford-based fishing tackle shop The Tackle Box, which he calls “the best carp shop in the world”.

At the start of the 1983 season Lee became one of only a few captors (at the time) of a carp weighing more than 40lb. The beast came from a Colne Valley water and weighed 40¼lb. However, it’s the sheer number of carp he has landed over the years, with the Kent carp stocks bearing the brunt of his attention!

Lee was also an early successful winter carp fisherman, capturing carp with snow on the ground when most were at home just reading about them. Then there were his love affairs with several very large carp over the years. The pursuit of one at the time almost took over his life, but like all of the good guys Lee got there in the end, capturing the famous School Pool mirror named She.

Of course Carp-Talk readers will need little reminding that Lee Jackson eventually caught a new British Record carp when he landed Two Tone the big mirror from Conningbrook at 61lb 7oz in August 2002, as seen above.

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