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Jim Gibbinson

Jim Gibbinson

Inducted: March 2008

A major influence in the modern pursuit of carp fishing is the remarkable Jim Gibbinson.

His writing output alone published through dozens of articles and features in the weekly fishing press and monthly periodicals is staggering and budding carp anglers from the late 1960s to the present day have benefitted from Jim’s wise words. On top of this you have his unprecedented five carp only books spanning over 45 years.

Jim has also been instrumental in the design of carp rods, ringing patterns etc. Rods such as the ‘Clooper’ carp rod, Tri Cast and Eclipse ranges were groundbreaking and hugely successful both at home and abroad.

His first twenty-pounder came in the mid 1960s from Peterborough‘s famous ‘Electricity Cut’ and Jim has been catching worthwhile carp ever since. He was also a major influence in the pursuit of winter carp and his cold water carping successes attracted a great many carp anglers to dust down their carp rods even when snow lay on the ground.

His clear and factual, no nonsense writing style has made him one of the most widely read carp fishing authors ever. A true Carp Fishing Hall of Fame member.

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Harry Grief

Harry Grief

Inducted: March 2016

Harry was a member of the Becontree & DAS, which leased Dagenham Lake. In the 1950s Dagenham was only surpassed by Redmire Pool for big carp. In the late 1940s a small group of club members dedicated themselves to fishing for the Lake’s big carp.

These included George Draper, Len Singer and Harry Grief, and they worked out independently the necessary tackle and methods required to succeed with a fish that at that time was considered uncatchable by intent.

Harry was a generous and much-liked individual, who made every effort to share the carp fishing at Dagenham with other carp anglers, such as Dick Walker, Gerry Berth-Jones and Dick Kefford. In June 1950 he landed the second largest carp ever caught at that time in the UK, a fish only surpassed by a mere four ounces by Albert Buckley’s 26-pounder from Mapperley Reservoir. Harry was one of the first elected members of the exclusive and highly regarded Carp Catchers’ Club.

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