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Duncan Charman

Damian Clarke

Inducted: March 2016

Damian started his carping career on the waters of Essex when he was 11 years old. He began at Layer Pits and went on to catch his first twenty from the Garrison, which weighed a whopping 28lb 2oz.

His name hit the carping headlines several years later when he targeted one of the most famous commons in the country at the Snake Pit. It was here where he landed his first thirty and eventually his first UK forty in the shape of the illustrious original Snake Pit Common, a capture which projected his young name into the headlines at the time.

In 2003 he was the co-winner of the British Carp Angling Championships with his good friend Danny Fairbrass, who he works alongside today as the Korda operations director. He has a passion for design and has been responsible for many of the famous Korda products we see on the shelves today. On the fishing front, he spends a lot of his time fishing low-stock no publicity waters in the UK or chasing the monster carp across Europe. In 2014 he made history when he became the first Brit to land three different 80lb-plus carp when he banked Eric’s Common from Rainbow Lake, which added to his captures of the Saussaie Common at 88lb and the Scarred Mirror from the Graviers at a massive 93¼lb.

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Ian Chillcott

Ian Chillcott

Inducted: November 2010

After completing 22 years service in the Army, Ian Chillcott burst on to the carp fishing scene. He’d carp fished, when time allowed, through his serving years, but once back in civvy street he had the time to devote to his beloved sport.

Catching big carp consistently soon brought him to the attention of angling media and before long ‘Chilly’ embarked on the road of writing for the angling press, appearing in DVDs and on stage at carp-related events, all with great success.

In the latter half of the 1990s after a period of frustration and anger regarding the scandalous trade of illegally smuggling carp (many of them large) into the UK, he along with pal Keith Jenkins formed the English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO). Eventually, the organisation was to have a profound effect and even the Government of the country listened!

Chilly has put a great deal back into carp fishing and this, along with his written contributions and top flight catches, makes him a worthy Hall of Fame inductee.

Kevin Clifford

Kevin Clifford

Inducted: March 2011

Thirty-odd years ago, in the mid to late 70s, I was arranging local meetings for the CAA. I had a letter from Peter Mohan mentioning potential speakers, and the name Kevin Clifford came up. KC had recently caught eight twenties in a week from Redmire, Peter revealed. He’d what?! I think I was trying to catch my first double at the time, and the first twenty was a distant dream. Eight in a week! Wow! That was my introduction to Kev Clifford.

He came and spoke at a meeting, and I learnt more about his exploits (though not from him). Dubbed “Carp King of the North” by The Angler’s Mail for his extraordinary Crab Mill Flash results; the first recorded capture of Bazil from Yateley North Lake (“a Midlands gravel pit”); successful virtually everywhere he fished, and eventually the captor of Jumbo as a mid forty from “a small local lake”.

Kev is actually a specimen hunter, but his carp results during the period when he was really smitten by the bug were the envy of the carp-fishing fraternity of his day. He was a successful carper, but he has always been recognised as an all-rounder and as such has contributed to a number of multi-species books over the last 40 years. His love affair with Redmire resulted in his co-authorship of Redmire Pool (with Len Arbery), and his high profile reputation as a carper led to him being asked to write the book Carp in the Ward Lock ‘Master Fisherman’ series. Kev’s association with the past, and his friendship with some of the giants who bestrode it, lit a fire, and his iconic and highly acclaimed labours of love A History of Carp Fishing and the recently published A History of Carp Fishing Revisited have been the outcome of that fire, his endless thirst for knowledge and his unending diligent research.

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Bill Cottam

Bill Cottam

Inducted: March 2014

‘Big’ Bill Cottam was a founding partner of Nutrabaits and has been instrumental in designing some of the best carp fishing baits of all time. In the 1990s his articles about bait in magazines such as Carp Fisher and Carpworld were amongst some of the most widely read on the topic.

Born and raised in South Yorkshire, he learnt his carping trade on northern venues such as Lymm Dam, progressing to the famous Mangrove Swamp syndicate in Shropshire before he became addicted with catching the monster carp of the Continent.

His love of all things bait began in 1975 when he made some ‘specials’ intended for tench fishing. Eventually it progressed to carp and, along with Tim Paisley, he formed Nutrabaits in 1986. From its humble beginnings in his parents’ garage, today Nutrabaits’ products can be found in more than 50 countries. These include such legendary baits as Big Fish Mix and Trigga, both of which have accounted for a terrific number of giant carp around the world.

When he can find time away from his desk, today you are likely to find Bill set up on the banks of a Continental lake containing giant carp. During his career he has been fortunate to have landed some of the biggest carp on the planet, including the Scarred Mirror at a massive 82lb, the Saussaie Common at 78lb 6oz, as well as the Brown Fish at 76lb 2oz.

Bill has been a regular in the carp fishing press for many years and has two books to his name. He was a co-author of Carp Baits in the Angling Publications ‘Carp in Depth’ series of the early 1990s, and in 2009 he published his first solo book, titled Behind the Rods. Today his much-sought-after work can be found each month in Carpworld magazine where he writes the highly acclaimed ‘Carping Allegedly’ series.

Max Cottis

Max Cottis

Inducted:March 2017

Long-time carper Max hit the headlines in the 1980s when he became the first English carper to land a 60lb-plus carp. The fish weighed in at a whopping 68½lb and was caught from the legendary Lac de St Cassien.

At the start of the 1990s, he was making headlines again when he became the first angler to land a forty from big fish venue Savay Lake. Weighing in at 42¼lb, the big mirror was the tenth biggest carp caught in the UK that year.

Besides being a proficient catcher of big carp, Max also made a name for himself during the booming years of the mighty Fox International. He was an important cog in the growth of the tackle empire, having an involvement in the development of lots of different products before leaving in the mid-noughties to start the ACE brand, which he later sold to Rapala.

He has been involved in a number of television and DVD projects, including the very successful Fox Guide to Carp Fishing and the Fox Guide to Advanced Carp Fishing. In more recent years he has continued to catch big fish from the Continent, topped by a personal best 94¼lb known as Shoulders from Abbey Lakes in December 2013.

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Simon Crow

Simon Crow

Inducted: March 2014

Born in Wolverhampton, Crowy learned to angle on the estate lakes of Staffordshire and Shropshire in the 1970s. He caught his first carp in 1980 and has since gone on to catch them from all over the world, including 50-pounders from six different countries.

His love of everything carp blossomed when he met Rob Hughes in 1991; the two of them forging a friendship which eventually saw them writing regularly in Carp Fisher and Carpworld magazines. They also took on the responsibility of being South Staffordshire regional organisers for the Carp Society, eventually progressing to governors some years later.

The two of them were amongst the first wave of paid carping consultants in the early 1990s, and they carved their names into the history books when they won the first ever World Carp Cup in 1996. They went on to write two books together, Strategic Carp Fishing (1997) and the highly acclaimed Discover Carp Fishing (2002), which was published in 10 languages. In 2006 Crowy went solo and wrote his third book, Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics, and in 2014 releasded the epic Adventures of a Carp Angler..

Simon has caught carp from more than 300 different waters, currently spending most of his UK bank time ‘Up North’ in Yorkshire where he resides, landing more than 40 thirties and three different forties from his adopted county. In between catching carp he served as the editor of Crafty Carper before graduating to the prestigious Carpworld editorship for two years, as well as a co-presenter on the Carp in Focus TV series.

Today his main role is as the editor of Carp-Talk, a title he has worked on since its inception nearly 20 years ago. He is also a carp angling consultant and a permanent fixture at the British Young Carpers’ Angling Championships, where he has worked as the head marshal for the past 10 years.

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Julian Cundiff

Julian Cundiff

Inducted: November 2010

The almost unbelievable pace of life for Selby, South Yorkshire, carper Julian Cundiff years ago earned him the nickname of ‘The Selby Flyer’. His amazing energy and tremendously consistent carp catching ability while holding down a responsible job in the Law courts of this land is truly something special.

Over the last 20 years Julian’s writing output has been both impressive and worthy of note, often writing to and helping beginners (he replies personally to all letters). Also on Julian’s CV are a number of books including the highly praised Practical Carp Fishing from 1993 and his brand new Carp – Short Session Success offering. Julian can also be seen on various carp-related videos and DVD’s produced over the years.

During his life as a carp angler his writing and organisational skills have earned him the positions of features editor of Carp Fisher, co-editor of Crafty Carper and assistant editor of Carpworld. Keeping himself in trim is another part of Julian’s life and a sneak peek into the gym at the Five Lakes Carpin’On show each year could reveal him pumping iron!

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