Rig Marole LinkteQ

In the marketing blurb about this new leader material RigMarole states it has invested two years of research and development, but it was well over five years ago that I spoke with brand manager Nigel Harris about an exciting new leader material he’d discovered that was seriously supple compared to leadcore and infinitely heavier than lead-free leaders.

At the time he spoke of a material with metallic fibres actually woven into the braid itself. However, years of development have led to the creation of a more familiar product that maintains significant weight and suppleness, and Rig Marole LinkteQ is a sure winner. The inner metal core is actually a special tiny linked chain, more like what you’d expect to find in jewellers. Made from a rust-resistant alloy, it can be pulled free of its braided sheath to create spliced loops, just like you would with any other braided leader. This really is one of those things you need in your hands to appreciate just how supple it is. Available in two colours, brown with black flecks and green with black flecks, both versions offer a 45lb breaking strain. LinkteQ is available on five-metre spools retailing at £11.99, and pre-spliced one metre leaders with a fast change swivel on one end and a spliced loop at the other, retailing at £3.99 each.


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