Digital Images

How can I tell how big my current image is?

You can get details of how big your image is in px by checking the properties of the file. Locate the file on your hard drive or media card, click the right mouse button, scroll down to 'Properties' and click your left mouse button, assuming you are using XP/Visa click the 'Summary' tab and this will display the properties of your image. Use the table below to work out whether the picture can be used big enough for the magazine.

How big should I supply my image sizes?

To work out how big your digital image can be used in the magazine, we have supplied a chart below showing the maximum size we can use your digital image(s) based on the mega pixel setting your on your camera.

Megapixel Resolution Width (cm) Width (inches)
All the above measurements are approximate and based on a print resolution of 250 pixels per inch (2.54cm)
Example 1600px / 250px(1 inch) = 6.4(inches)
0.3 - - -
1 1280 x 960px 13cm 5.12inch
2 1600 x 1200px 16.26cm 6.4inch
3 2048 x 1536px 20.81cm 8.19inch
4 2240 x 1680px 22.76cm 8.96inch
5 2560 x 1920px 26.01cm 10.24inch
6 3032 x 2008px 30.81cm 12.12inch
7 3072 x 2304px 31.21cm 12.28inch
8 3264 x 2448px 33.16cm 13.05inch

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