• 40¾lb, Josh Daynes, Kevin Nash’s Church Lake, Nashbait Scopex Squid.

  • 34lb 14oz, Karl Goodwin, Breakaway Lakes, Sticky Krill/White Chocolate

  • 28lb 15oz, Martin Brady, Wainstones Fishery, Sticky Pink Signature pop-ups.

  • 29½lb, Luke Worthington, Borwick Fisheries, Chilli Addict.

  • 41lb 2oz, Oliver Jukes, Lakeside Country Park, Marathon Mix.

  • 34½lb, Alex West, Yateley Match Lake, Mainline Cell.

  • 43lb, Stuart Morris, Farriers Lake, CCM Mix.

  • 41½lb, Anthony Jones, Linch Hill Fishery’s Christchurch Lake, Sticky Krill.

  • 30½lb, James Harrison, Charity Lakes, Burton Bait Rollers Banoffee.

  • 30lb, Jade Hardy, Weybread No. 1 Pit, Mad Baits Wicked Whites.

  • 34lb, Greg Myles, Tyram Hall, Formula hookbait.

  • 27¾lb, Aaron Foxhall, Stables Carp Fishery, Mainline Cell.

  • 42¼lb, Nigel Sharp, Frimley Pit 4, tiger nuts.

  • 35lb, Harley Buckle, Pick Cottage Fishery, Mainline Cell.

  • 44lb, Ian Jeavons, Linear Fisheries’ Manor Farm, CC Moore Equinox and Northern Special

  • 41lb 2oz, Jason Tanner, Farriers Lake, CC Moore N-Gage.

  • 37½lb, Stuart Bull, Stanstead Abbotts, Mainline Cell.

  • 42½lb, Matthew Hart, Essex Manor, Nutcracker.

  • 39lb 10oz, Martin Wassell, Foundry, Keybait Solutions All Season Mix.

  • 39½lb, Ben Marley, Cromwell Lake, Fish Fruit wafters.

  • 37lb 2oz, Ashley Bailey, New Forest Water Park, CC Moore Live System.

  • 35¼lb, Richard Dixon, Walthamstow Lower Maynard Reservoir, Mainline New Grange.

  • 37¾lb, Barry Rendle, Anglers Paradise, CC Moore Live System.

  • 32¾lb, Paul Webber, Linch Hill Christchurch Lake, Sticky Krill.

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