Wychwood C-201 rods

Having stepped up my rods several times through the years it has been great having the opportunity to play around with some lighter test curves and different actioned rods recently.

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Trakker AS365 Compact Sleeping Bag

Over the past two summers I’ve been happily using the very lightweight Trakker Snoozelite sleeping bag. This simple bag is all that’s required on a warm night but, come the cooler months, I return to my faithful all-season bag that I’ve been using for nine years or so now. The old bag has served me well, but it is very heavy and soon feels damp when the night draws in, so the time has come to move on and invest in something that makes full use of modern materials. Ideally it has to fit my Compact Levelite Bedchair without draping on the floor, so what could be better than the latest AS365 Compact Sleeping Bag from Trakker? This cracking little sleeping bag ticks all the right boxes and has been purposely designed to fit the bedchair I currently use.

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Shimano XTR-A LC

The XTR-A LC is the latest version of the Long Cast Baitrunner reel and it offers impressive performance and stunning cosmetics. Built using the very latest CI4+ (Carbon Interfusion) composite, the latest Medium version Baitrunner weighs in at just 505g (a 150g saving than if it were made from Shimano’s regular XT-7 material) and is the perfect size for both medium and long range carp fishing.

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All-Weather Trainers

When I first heard Korda Developments was further developing its range of apparel to include footwear, I have to confess being a little sceptical about the move. My scepticism was totally unnecessary, though; having had the opportunity to try them out, I must confess to being really impressed.

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Fox Digital Scales

The original Digital Scales from Fox proved to be immensely popular and have been responsible for the verification of many British Record Fish. Because of their notable, lofty status it was with some trepidation Fox revamped and upgraded them. Fans of the old versions can rest assured; the new ones are not a gimmick or step backwards; I would say they are a vast improvement on the original scale which I have used for at least 12 years.

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Team Carp-Talk captain pairs up with girlfriend to reach UK Carp Championships semi-finals

Todber Manor’s Little Hayes was the setting for mine and my girlfriend Natalie’s first UK Carp Championships qualifier as a pair. Although I had competed on Big Hayes for a number of years, I had never wet a line on Little Hayes. This was also Natalie’s first-ever qualifier, so the scene was set for what could be an exciting but very challenging weekend’s fishing.

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Fox FX240 Boat

This is the latest boat from Fox International and is the result of numerous requests from anglers for an inflatable boat that was a bit bigger than the existing FX200, but not quite as large as the FX290. Its compact size is highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for a host of duties such as baiting up, placing rigs and playing fish, as well aiding in the moving of tackle from one swim to another.

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Edwards Custom Upgrades mk1 compact alarms

Back in the nineties Scott Edwards tweaked, customised and repaired his and his friends’ Optonic, Delkim, Bamford conversion and Fox alarm systems. In later years he produced several highly desirable items including the now much-sought-after DMX Snag Pod.

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Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole & Spoon

You simply cannot beat accurate bait placement for getting a bite. We’ve all seen how effective getting the rig in the right place is whilst stalking and now thanks to the Cygnet Tackle Baiting Pole and Spoon you can do this over a much wider area of your swim.

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Team Carp-Talk pair triumph in BCAC qualifier

Kev Grout and I had been looking forward to our BCAC qualifier at Walthamstow 1 for quite some time. Due to the lake being closed, we weren’t able to go for our normal practice session, so at the start of the match we were going to be fishing the lake without even ever wetting a line there before hand.

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Terry Hearn nets Most Wanted linear

Former UK carp record holder Terry Hearn has enjoyed a fantastic start on his new southern syndicate water. Over the festive period he banked no fewer than seven carp, including a very special one off the Carp-Talk Most Wanted list.

Speaking about the catch, Terry said: “Conditions have been mega. Between Christmas and New Year, I managed seven and lost one, the best two being the Floppy Lin at 44lb 10oz and a common of 40¾lb.”

Nash Tackle
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