Where it all started for Bayesy

All the top anglers have a story to tell about their angling background. Here’s a look at the life and times of former British record holder Gary Bayes, the man behind Nashbait. In this four-page interview, Gary talked to Scott ‘Geezer’ Grant about his angling life.

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Safe hands

Here’s an old feature from Carp-Talk issue 803 back in 2010 that is still very relevant today. It was compiled by successful carper Adam Clewer and is a great insight into how he cares for the carp he catches. If you’re a newcomer to the sport, there are some excellent tips to be picked up from it.

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Jack of all trades…

The Carp Cast is growing with popularity all the time. The free-to-download podcast has now been running for well over a year and has featured a number of top-name anglers as guests. The main host is Jamie Clossick, who, besides being a top DJ, is a bit of a dab hand with big fish too. Here he is with a cracking 39¾lb mirror from a Manchester club lake which featured in the news pages of issue 703 back in March 2008.

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Now, that’s carpy

When we look back at old issues of Carp-Talk, it’s amazing how many of today’s well-known carpers made a name for themselves in the pages of the mag. Anyone who’s anyone in carp fishing has been in our pages with catches and articles, and the odd one has even written regional news reports for us. Have a look at this one from issue 603 back in March 2006, written by Mr Carpy himself, Mark Pitchers.

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Where did they go from here?

Twelve years ago Tim Paisley raised questions about some of the elected Board of Governors of the Carp Society, writing that it was “unconstitutional” and “dictatorial” with “flawed rulings”. Fast-forward to 2015 and members of the same Board were involved in the attempted sale of the Society’s Horseshoe Lake and the splitting of its assets between just over a handful of remaining members.

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Isle of Wight’s first thirty

Back in issue 303, in May 2000, we were reporting on the first-ever 30-pounder from the Isle of Wight, caught by Tim Oatley from private water and weighing 30lb 6oz. How things have changed during the past 16 years, as the amazing Blackwater syndicate on the island now contains at least 10 different forties!

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Super Simmos!

Mark Simmonds has been a regular contributor for Carp-Talk since the very early issues in 1994. He’s also been one of the most consistent suppliers of home-grown carp in the UK, stocking fish all over the country for more than 20 years. Here he is featured in issue 203 back in 1998, when Chris Ball visited his holding ponds, a time when Simmo was already growing 20-pounders in six years!

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When the match scene went global

The first-ever global carp match took place 20 years ago and attracted anglers from all over the world. The World Carp Cup 1996 was a big talking point in the sport at the time, and the 72-hour event held at Fishabil in France was won by none other than current Carp Team England boss Rob Hughes and Carp-Talk editor Simon Crow. The lads did a write-up on the match in issue 103…

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How things have changed

It’s amazing to see how many 40lb carp there are up and down the country today. Biggies are getting caught on an almost daily basis. Compare that to 1994, when only one 40lb-plus carp was reported from the whole of the country during the opening week of the season! The captor was big-fish man Martin Clarke, who landed the 44¼lb mirror from a southern stillwater.

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Alex Osborn signs for Team Kodex!

Passionate big-fish angler Alex Osborn has joined Kodex’s team of expert consultants. A regular inside Carp-Talk he has had many impressive captures including a 47lb UK mirror. Alongside regular blogs and videos, Alex will be helping with product development and testing at Kodex and also taking the responsibility for the company’s new Instagram feed.

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Thirties machine!

Carp anglers have always liked to look at statistics, so here’s one from back in 2014, when former Carp Angler of the Year, Shaun Young, notched up an amazing tally of 100 thirties in two seasons! The fish which helped him to reach the milestone was Black Spot from Wellington Country Park, one of the oldest fish in the now-legendary Berkshire syndicate water.

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Invasion of the bivvy dwellers…

We’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of competitions in Carp-Talk during the 22 years we’ve been in existence. Some of them have become household names, like the amazing Mainline Carp Angler of the Year competition, which has been running a heck of a long time. Perhaps the most memorable one that we’ve ever run, however, was this one titled Bivvy Invasion, which featured in issue 902 in January 2012. It was the brainchild of the one and only Kevin Nash and involved anglers taking pictures of their bivvies in the strangest of places.

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