Lucy’s Bowl 2016

Thousands of pounds were raised for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association during the annual staging of the Lucy’s Bowl weekend, this year at the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake in Oxfordshire.

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Holmesy winter carp talks

Respected angler and captor of two UK sixties, Mark Holmes, will present talks about his approach to big-carp angling in Warwickshire and Yorkshire this winter.

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Ali’s resetting rig

If you are a viewer of the highly informative Korda Underwater DVDs, then you’ll have heard the lads talking about “resetting” rigs. If you’ve ever wondered when to use one and how to tie one up, look no further than this step-by-step guide written by television presenter Ali Hamidi.

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A winter favourite

If you are on the lookout for a big carp to target in the colder months, then consider the Perch Common in Linch Hill’s Christchurch Lake. The lovely old 40lb-plus fish has been a newsdesk regular in the winter for quite some time. One of our most memorable captures of it was by England international Kev Hewitt, who tempted it at 40lb 7oz as part of an 18-fish haul back in 2008.

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Still a firm favourite

The test of a good product is if it stands the test of time. Not many items remain on the market 10 years after their first release, but one that has is the amazing Bullet Braid by Nash Tackle. It is as strong as old rope and has been involved in many a great carp capture down the years, including monsters from the ultra-tough Rainbow Lake in France.

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2005 Carp Anglers of the Year

Eleven years ago we ran a Carp Angler of the Year competition in association with top monthly titles Carpworld and Crafty Carper. There were four different categories, including Carp Angler of the Year, International Carp Angler of the Year, Lady Carp Angler of the Year, and Young Carp Angler of the Year. It was decided by a public phone vote with the winners awarded a share of a £6000 prize pot!

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The truth behind liver powder

If you’re looking for an edge in your boilies, then consider adding some of the amazing liver powder to your mix. Big carp absolutely love the stuff, and it’s known for being a secret ingredient in lots of top baits. If you are wondering about its profile and how it is derived, then this short extract by Matthew Wheeler reveals all.

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Just what is GLM?

One of the best carp-bait additives of all time has to be GLM (green-lipped mussel). It is found in loads of modern-day carp baits. You may be wondering what it is and how to use it within your fishing. In this short extract, which appeared in issue 505 in 2004, Matthew Wheeler gives you the inside information.

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The way we were

When you see anglers moaning about the carping gear available today, they should think about where the sport originated and how it has progressed. Hall of Famer Derek Stritton recalled the days of how it used to be in a feature which appeared in the mag back in 2004 but still makes for interesting reading today.

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Raduta sets world record!

The world record carp has been broken a few times in recent years, but back in 1998 it had stood for 17 years. An 81lb 5oz mirror caught by Frenchman Marcel Rouviere in 1981 was thought to be untouchable, until the discovery of Lake Raduta (aka Sarulesti) in Romania.

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The days of DIY bait

The good old days were the best, right? Forget about bait companies rolling you 20kg of their latest mix and delivering it the next day to your door, as 20 years ago there was no such service available. Bait making was done at home and involved stinking out the kitchen and understanding a plethora of bait additives and science. Check out this advert from Rod Hutchinson from a 1996 issue.

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