Suffolk Water Park fundraiser

More than £900 was raised for Aid of Hill Farm Stables and to fund the construction of disabled swims at Suffolk Water Park when the day-ticket venue hosted a carp-wear show and social event.

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The early days of the knotless knot

The knotless knot was born in the early 1990s and one of the first times it appeared in Carp-Talk was in July 1994. Brian Atkins was the angler who drew it, and he recalled Lee Jackson showing it to him the previous year. Here’s the original drawing that Brian sent through for us to reproduce.

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One of Horton’s finest

The famous Horton complex has been in the news a lot this last year, thanks mainly to the catches of Dave Levy. Rewind 22 years and the same lake was also in the headlines when Darren Ward landed four fish, topped by the famous Jack the Net Ripper at 43½lb. His catch was reported in issue number 6 from the summer of 1994.

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Hutchy’s first forty

This milestone catch report from the legendary Rod Hutchinson appeared in Carp-Talk issue 106 from July 1996. It was Rod’s first-ever UK 40-pounder known as Floppy Tail, which lives in the Woldview syndicate in Lincolnshire. The big bruiser of a mirror is still alive today and still weighs over 40lb at the right time of year.

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Carp-Talk’s best-seller

We often get asked which of the mags has sold the most over the years. There are a lot of mechanics involved in this and our biggest selling issue was the first-ever one, because we printed more copies of it. However, once Carp-Talk was established, the one which stands out the most is issue 206 from June 1998. It sold 20% more copies than the issues either side of it, presumably because it featured the new world record carp of 82lb 3oz from Lake Raduta in Romania.

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A right set of caricatures

This cartoon made us chuckle as we were looking through some back issues of the mag. It featured in issue 306 from June 2000. Can you recognise any of the well-known anglers who feature in it?

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A-maizing bait!

Maize works all year round for big carp, so give it a try this winter. In this short piece, top carper Ian Poole tells you how to get the most out of it.

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Pretty as a Pitchers

One of the UK’s finest commons has to be the stunning Lee Jackson Fish in Strawberry Fields. This amazing carp has weighed as much as 63¼lb when caught in September 2014. Despite false rumours, we know there are plenty of pictures of it at smaller weights which show its growth history. One picture we’ve come across is this one, which appeared in issue 506 from 2004, when Mark Pitchers caught the great fish when it weighed 37lb 9oz.

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The $250,000 carp!

This has to rank as one of the best news stories we’ve ever run in Carp-Talk. When it was revealed only a few weeks prior to this match taking place that there was an insurance policy in place for anyone breaking the state record, it really did look ominous. Up stepped Al St Cyr, who landed a massive 43lb 2oz common to claim what is still the biggest prize to have been claimed in carp-fishing history.

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John Knight

Where is he now? Long-time readers of Carp-Talk will no doubt remember the name of John Knight, who caught a string of big carp around 10 years or so ago. He was in the running for Carp Angler of the Year at one time, but then suddenly disappeared never to be heard from again. Does anyone know what he’s up to these days and if he’s still carping?

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What dreams are made of

Dream sessions don’t come much better than this one. Back in February 2010, Gavin Barrett from Portsmouth was just coming to the end of his winter ticket on the famous Chad Lakes Home Pool in Gloucestershire when on the same day he landed the two biggest fish, the Red Fish at 42lb 6oz and the one and only Black Eye at 54½lb.

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The birthplace of legends

We all love a story about uncaught monster carp, and Redmire Pool was the birthplace of such leviathans. In this exclusive excerpt from Kevin Clifford’s highly acclaimed book, A History of Carp Fishing Revisited, he discussed the myths about the monsters in the famous lake.

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