Raspberry of Redmire

One of the oldest recorded carp is a mirror known as Raspberry, which lived in the legendary Redmire Pool. It was one of the original Leney fish stocked in 1934. Here’s a picture of Tony Long with it when it was reported to Carp-Talk in 1994 at more than 60 years of age.

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Catch me if you can…

More than 20 years ago the biggest common in England lived in a holiday park in Dorset. Here’s a look at an advert from 1994 showing how to fish ther

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Blinded with science

How things have changed! Anglers today order bait online and it’s delivered the next day. This advert was from a very early issue of Carp-Talk when bait choice was an exact science.

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Still going strong!

Here’s an advert from issue 15 of Carp-Talk, September 1994. Eric’s Angling Centre was one of the biggest tackle shops in the UK at the time and still is today!

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Who are ya?

Who recognises this young angler pictured here in Carp-Talk more than 20 years ago? You’ll now see him patrolling the banks of a famous day-ticket complex in Oxfordshire.

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Silt rigs 1990s-style

Here’s a look at a couple of silt rigs which appeared in Carp-Talk issue 115 in September 1996. The top one is very similar to what we now know as the chod rig, but without the stiff boom.

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Solar Top Catch badges

Who remembers the Solar Top Catch badges we used to dish out in the early issues of Carp-Talk? They were very much sought after by readers.

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Grand pic!

How about this for a picture? Steven O’Neill visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona recently, but didn’t want to miss out on the latest news back home, so took his copy of Carp-Talk with him! Now, that’s dedication.

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