In this week's issue

This week's issue

We’ve got some epic catches in the mag this week, in particular Greg Ellis’ capture of Roids, a new Kingsmead Island Lake record at 54lb 6oz. We’ve also got Baden Hall’s Big Common, Porky from Monks Pit, a few more fifties and a stack load of forties! We also reveal details of the first Ladies’ Carp Academy, which will take place in the summer.

Ian Smith talks quick-hit carping, Jake Anderson reveals how effort equalled reward on a Mid Kent Fisheries water, and James Bromley explains how he caught a new Welsh record on the Wharf. Roy Russell makes the most of a 24-hour session on Baden Hall, and Rick Golder times it right.

We’ve also got £480-plus worth of Sticky’s awesome Signature Squid hookbaits to give away, and products form Shimano, Fox, Kodex and Trakker go under the spotlight.

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The Wharf

James Bromley exceeds his own expectations on the famous Cardiff dock.

Time Is Precious

Baden Hall Fishery manager Roy Russell manages to get out for a rare 24-hour session.

Big-Carp Season!

Jake Anderson reveals how a little effort resulted in a big reward on an intimate Mid Kent Fisheries water.

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