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Hall of Fame - L

Dave Lane

Dave Lane

Inducted: March 2013

Dave Lane has made a significant impact on the UK carp scene, there is no doubt. He has been responsible for some of the most inspirational catches of the last 20 years, and there isn’t a carp in the country that is safe from this legendary Sussex-based big fish expert.

Cutting his teeth on the circuit waters of the Colne Valley, it was perhaps his amazing catches at Horton in the early 1990s when he first established his name to the masses; appearing on a lot of the early Mainline Baits adverts of the time.

Over the next 15 years, he went on to catch a long list of the finest carp from the top circuit waters, topped by the prized Black Mirror in 2004. Amongst his other famous captures were Two-Tone from Conningbrook, Mary from Wraysbury, The Fat Lady from St Ives and The Eye from Sonning – all of which weighed over 50lb.

To date, he has landed five different UK carp over 50lb, accounts of which were all documented in his best-selling books An Obsession with Carp and A Flick of the Tail. He has also been a prominent contributor to the many carping periodicals down the years, as well as a regular speaker on the carp show circuit, especially the successful regional shows run by the Carp Society in the early 1990s.

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Donald Leney

Donald Leney

Inducted: March 2010

Though not strictly a carp angler, Donald Leney had a profound effect on shaping the course of carp fishing in this country through his company The Surrey Trout Farm and the supply of carp to individuals, clubs and associations the length and breadth of the country.

Starting in the fish business during the 1920s Donald oversaw the importation of hundreds of thousands of small Dutch-bred carp during the next 30 years. Subsequently some of these carp become the stuff of legends in Donald Leney-stocked waters such as Redmire Pool, Billing Aquadrome, Savay, Hemingford Grey, the Electricity Cut at Peterborough, etc.

After Chris Yates landed his 51½lb record carp from Redmire Pool in 1980, he struck up a friendship with Donald and, living close by at the time, would visit him for "high tea" as he called it. Chris still fishes with the gift from Donald of his four-inch-wide drum Allcock Aerial centrepin dating from before World War II; and the 13 copy invoice books cataloguing much of his business in carp were left in Donald’s will to Chris Yates after he passed away in October 1987.

Andy Little

Andy Little

Inducted: December 2017

One of the best-known and successful carp anglers of all time, Andy Little, burst nationally onto the carp scene in 1980 when he became a member of the first Savay Syndicate. That year he ran amok with fabulous, often multiple, catches of big carp that included numbers of 30-pounders. He went on to enjoy super catches from virtually everywhere he tried, such as Frensham, Farnborough, Redmire Pool, the River Thames, the list is endless.

Another big part of Andy’s life has been his long-time involvement with the tackle trade, often occupied in tackle and bait development for companies like DAM and Richworth Baits, and later he became Managing Director of Fox International.

Andy has written a number of carp books plus many magazine articles besides creating, with Roy Westwood, an amazing weekly photo-feature in Angler’s Mail which lasted over 15 years with him catching all manner of coarse fish – besides having his own Sky TV show titled ‘Andy Little’s Angling Adventures’. These days Andy has a strong internet presence, with his Facebook page alone carrying thousands of followers.

Now retired and living close to the Avon and Stour valleys, Andy continues to enjoy exceptional river and gravel pit fishing.

Inducted: December 2017

Martin Locke

Martin Locke

Inducted: March 2013

Widely known for his connection with the innovative Solar Tackle, which was formed in 1987, there is no denying that Martin has made a significant contribution to carp angling during the last 25 years.

In the late 1980s, his name hit the headlines when he landed the illustrious Sally the Common at 39lb from Savay Lake, the picture of which still forms the Solar Tackle logo. His catches from the same lake were well documented at the time, especially in Rob Maylin’s books, as indeed was the car accident he was involved in near The Horse & Barge which – along with his now legendary catches – led to him acquiring the nickname ‘Lucky’ Lockey.

Martin was in the news again in December 1994, making the cover of Carp-Talk issue 27. The fish – known as Chop Dorsal – weighed in at a mighty 50¼lb and was caught from the day-only Hertfordshire club water run by North Harrow Old Waltonians. It was the second biggest carp caught from the UK that year.

A decade later, he also went on to land another luminary UK carp in the shape of Benson, but it was his record-breaking catches from Rainbow Lake, France, which went on to establish his name on the global carp scene. In January 2010, he broke the world record when he landed The Steve Briggs Fish at a colossal 94lb. Capping off an amazing year, 11 months later he then went on to bank an 84½lb common from the same venue, setting a new Lake record for a common in the process.

If his catches alone aren’t enough to warrant Martin’s place in the Hall of Fame, then his work within the carping industry most definitely tips the balance. Solar has long been associated with some of the most innovative products to have ever hit the carping market. His stainless steel banksticks and pods became legendary in the early 1990s, as did his Satellite and Lite-Flo Monkey Climber systems which – at the time – became the ultimate tackle-poser’s dream!

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