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Hall of Fame - K

Mike Kavanagh

Mike Kavanagh

Inducted: March 2015

There can be few in carp fishing that can lay claim to coming up with two universally accepted successful rigs, for Mike Kavanagh is rightly credited with the stiff rig and the more recent multi-rig creation.

His talents don’t just stem around the catching of carp, for Mike has over the years been a major driving force in carp conferences staged in this country. He was a stalwart of the Carp Society in Essex early on and later in the 1980s became their Conference Organiser – who can ever forget the Richard Walker Remembrance Conference staged at Dunstable in 1988. Mike was the mastermind behind this hugely (and fondly remembered) successful day and other shows that followed. These days Mike is still involved at a high level at the Carpin’ On shows, looking after the Rig Clinic area.

On the fishing front Mike started seriously fishing for carp in the late 1970s and has over the years put his highly effective rigs to work with both mirrors and commons to over 40lb from the UK. He has always been a loyal Mainline Baits user since the company was formed and has been in charge of Carpworld magazine’s ‘Rig World’ column for many years.

Inducted: March 2015

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Dick Kingsley-Kefford

Dick Kingsley-Kefford

Inducted: March 2009

A vet by profession and angler by persuasion, Dick Kefford was a kindly, quiet, self-effacing character who was softly spoken.

A member of the highly influential Carp Catchers’ Club of the early 1950s, Dick Kefford was instrumental in Richard Walker gaining access to the fishing at Redmire Pool in the early summer of 1952 and accompanied him on DW’s second visit to the water in July.

Dick Kefford became interested in catching carp from before the Second World War and in late 1951 he corresponded with both 'B.B.' and Dick Walker about carp and fishing for them. He was also prolific writer on carp fishing in magazines throughout the 50s and 60s. The most famous of which were his yearly ‘round-ups’ of big carp catches written under the nom de plume of 'K.K.'

He also stocked carp into a number of his own waters near to his Wickham Market, Suffolk, home. He was an ardent observer and lover of wildlife, and a dedicated conservationist. Though he caught many carp over the years, he banked no spectacularly large specimens, and if he had Dick would have more than probably kept the capture to himself. Dick Kefford passed away in 1990.

Kev Knight

Kev Knight

Inducted: March 2017

Kev is one of the founders of the hugely successful Mainline Baits. Mainline is now one of the biggest bait companies in the world and has brought us such legendary baits as the Grange CSL Mix, Activ-8 and Cell.

As well as having a wealth of knowledge in bait, Kev also has a string of big fish under his belt. In the early years of Carp-Talk he was a regular face in the news pages with monster carp from Little Grange in Essex, a name which Mainline used to launch what is now one of the greatest big carp baits of all time.

Kev’s personal fishing stayed low-key during the early foundations of his company, although he regularly competed on the evolving carp match scene towards the turn of the Millennium. He made lots of appearances in the British Carp Angling Championships in its early years, finishing third in 1999 and also winning the high-profile Fish with the Stars event in the same year.

Behind closed doors Kev's contribution to carp fishing has been immense. He has played a massive role in the promotion of Carp Angler of the Year projects and been responsible for hundreds and thousands of charity event donations.

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