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  • NEWS: Kenny Youle lands Isle of Wight record

  • NEWS: Ashley Shuckford banks 64lb, 53lb 10oz, and 46lb mirrors from Holme Fen

  • NEWS: JohnBayford lands a 54lb 6oz Holme Fen mirror

  • NEWS: Steve Rocke tames 85½lb Gigantica whacker

  • NEWS: Neil Messenger banks Fryerning Fisheries’ Emperor at 45¼lb

  • NEWS: Christian Green banks the rarely caught Long Common from Airfield Spitfire Pool

  • Report your catch

  • Report your catch

  • Antony Marrs, 30lb 2oz, Darenth Big Lake, Sticky Manilla.jpg
  • Bev Clifford, 35lb 10oz, Old Mill, DNA Baits Wraysberry.jpg
  • Chris Connaughton, 28lb, Jennetts Reservoir, Sticky The Krill.JPG
  • Craig Westworth, 27lb 6oz, North West syndicate, Essential Cell.JPG
  • Dan Chase, 19¼lb, Farnham AS stilwater, Nashbait 4G Squid.jpg
  • Ed Maidens, 47½lb, Wraysbury 1 North Lake, Mainline Baits Cell.JPG
  • Gary Jones, 37½lb, Burghfield Lake, Sticky The Krill.JPG
  • Gary Jones, 40lb 10oz, Burghfield Lake, Sticky The Krill.JPG
  • Greg Ellis, 40½lb, Kingsmead 1, Mainline Baits Cell.jpg
  • Johan Ooijen, 61lb, Abbey lakes, Mainline Cell.jpg
  • Matt Moors, 40lb 1oz, Milton Abbass, CC Moore Odyssey XXX.JPG
  • Neil Mundy, 49¾lb, Frimley Pit 3, Nashbait 4G Squid.jpg
  • Scott Phillips, 42lb 2oz, Linear Fisheries' Manor Farm Lake.jpg

Celtic Carp Cup 2016

by Peter Foster

The dreams of one man came to fruition at Barston Lake in the West Midlands as the inaugural Celtic Carp Cup was fished for between Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Welshman Tim Jones had long harboured a desire to form a Welsh carping squad to take on other nations within the United Kingdom. The squad came together towards the end of 2015 and as they gelled into a formidable outfit, Tim put stage two into operation, contacting the governing bodies of Northern Ireland and Scotland to test the water and see if a competition at national level was on the cards.

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Team Carp-Talk pair triumph in BCAC qualifier

Kev Grout and I had been looking forward to our BCAC qualifier at Walthamstow 1 for quite some time. Due to the lake being closed, we weren’t able to go for our normal practice session, so at the start of the match we were going to be fishing the lake without even ever wetting a line there before hand.

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BCAC semi-final success

By Kev Grout

With Linear Fisheries being one of my favourite fisheries in the UK, I always get very excited about the prospect of competing on one of their fantastic waters. Although I have fished Linear a great deal, I had neither wet a line on Brasenose One. With this in mind, a practice session prior to our BCAC semi-final would be crucial, so my Team Carp-Talk partner Luke Church and I arrived at B1 on the Tuesday evening prior to the match for a 36-hour session.

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Big news at Carp Team England!

Carp Team England’s men’s and ladies’ teams recently hosted an evening at the superb RK Leisure Wraysbury 1 Lodge to celebrate the success of both teams over the past 12 months, thank sponsors for their support and announce coming events and plans going forward for Carp Team England.

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KHV confirmed at Bierley Woods Waters, West Yorkshire

An outbreak of KHV disease has been confirmed at Bierley Woods Waters, Rockhill Lane, Bierley, Bradford, West Yorkshire. The site is now subject to statutory controls to prevent or limit the spread of the disease. The Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) at Cefas, acting on behalf of Defra has issued a confirmed designation prohibiting the movement of fish to, from and within the fishery complex. Fishery equipment disinfection and movement control measures are in place and anglers must ensure that they comply with all biosecurity measures within the designated area.

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Report catches

Carp-Talk offers the unique selling point of giving everyday anglers a chance to have their faces featured in the magazine alongside their latest catches. Anglers can send in pictures of their fish, as well as details of how they caught it, and our editorial team will conjure up a brief story to accompany the picture. By sending in catch reports, anglers also have the chance to be entered into weekly/monthly competitions and with it the potential to earn further rewards for their catches. People can send in their catch reports here:

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